The 2020 Commencement Ceremony for Tamkang University

  • Time:

    June 13th,2020 (Saturday) 10 AM to 10:50 AM

  • Location:

    Tamsui Campus Shao-Mo Memorial Gymnasium 7th Floor

  • Host:

    President of Tamkang University - Dr. Huan-Chao Keh

  • Itinerary:
    2020 Commencement Ceremony Itinerary
    Starting Time Event Duration
    1. The Entry of President & Chairperson (Board of Trustees)
    1 min.
    1. Ceremony Begins
    2. Prelude
    3. Stand at Attention
    4. President in Position
    1 min.
    1. National Anthem
    2 min.
    1. President Address
    3 min.
    1. Chairperson (Board of Trustees) Address
    3 min.
    1. Award Presentation
    3 min.
    1. Recommending Graduates & Presentation of Diplomas
    25 min.
    1. Valedictorian Address
    5 min.
    1. Alma Mater
    3 min.
    1. Graduation Song
    4 min.
    1. End of Ceremony
    Total 50 min.


  1. Entry access control: map
    Entrance control will be strictly implemented on Commencement day from 8 AM to 1 PM. All visitors will not be allowed on campus (graduates’ relatives and friends exempted). 4 entrance control points are arranged to monitor entry access closely.
    1. Main Entrance (All vehicles enter from here)
    2. Dazhong Street
    3. Shuiyuan Street
    4. Five-Tigers Hill
  2. Transportation:
    Due to limited parking spaces on campus, please take public transportations to arrive at the University (MRT Tamsui Station Exit 2 > On the right-hand side of Exit 2, take the bus Red 27 or Red 28 to the University > Exit at Terminal Station).
  3. Ceremonial Venue Control:
    1. Participants:
      1. Chairperson (Board of Trustees), President, Vice President, Dean, Secretary-General, Dean of Academic Affairs, Dean of Student Affairs, Dean of International Affairs, Directors, Chairman, and registered graduates’ relatives and friends (list conducted by Colleges and Departments).
      2. Graduate representatives from each college/department (wearing caps & gowns).
    2. Authentication:
      1. Graduate representatives: For verification purposes, all graduate representatives must first enter the Student Activity Center before attending the ceremonial venue. After all Colleges and Departments verifies all representatives according to the registration list, all graduate representatives will be led and seated in the designated area in Shao-Mo Memorial Gymnasium 7th Floor.
        Assembling Time (AM) College
        8:00~8:20 College of Business Management
        • College of Foreign Languages & Literatures
        • College of International Affairs
        • College of Education
        • College of Liberal Arts
        • College of Science
        8:40~8:50 College of Engineering
      2. The relatives and friends of all graduates who have been confirmed by the departments to observe the ceremony: Please arrive at the entrance of Shao-Mo Memorial Gymnasium 4th Floor from 8 AM to 9:30 AM for verification purposes. Bring certified documents or identifications with you and after authentication, you will be guided to designated areas for seating on the 7th Floor.
    3. Entry Time: Admission begins at 8 AM and entry access control will be strictly implemented at 9:30 AM. No entry allowed after 9:30 AM. To maintain the solemnity of the ceremony, you are advised not to walk around once the ceremony begins.
    4. All entrants must present certified documents or identifications and conduct body temperature screening along with hand sanitization before entering the venue. During the ceremony, please wear a face mask at all times with the following EXCEPTIONS:
      1. On-stage teachers, commanders, and emcee, able to maintain a 1.5-meter safe social distancing.
      2. Award-winning and certified graduates, and graduate representatives while addressing a speech
      3. Graduates taking pictures with relatives or friends.
    5. On the day of the Commencement, resting areas are located in front of the Communication Hall and the Student Activity Center. Please visit the resting areas or the official TKU website to watch the live broadcast of the ceremony.